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I still like this website because it encourages ranting and just, whatever. I don't have to try to be funny or positive because that's not why people are here.

I may or may not quit Mecha Chocobo after these costumes are done. I really don't have the time to be making all this stuff and spending all my weekends doing nothing but video shoots and running around like crazy. Sometimes I need to pick up after myself, since I can't really do much of that during the week. I really want to just pay someone to do everything for me, just hand them a honey-do list and then I can do whatever I want for a bit. My friends keep sending me on guilt trips because I'm a horrible person for not having time to watch all the shows they like, not staying awake through movies, never going to midnight releases with them, and always having to work when they want to hang out. I would love to have time for all of that, but I just can't anymore. I get home at 8pm and I try to wind down and start getting ready for bed at 10pm. That leaves two hours for scrounging up dinner, cleaning the cat box, and any other weekly chores that I might have to do because they're always piling up. There's always a mess somewhere and I can't continue to clean everything all the time. I might need to do what I did in college and quit all my clubs for a while so I can get things in order. That still only leaves two days to do all of my chores and have a life, since I don't get one on the weekdays.


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