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I've been having vivid dreams lately, pretty much every night. Last night's was an interesting one:

Myself, my husband, my mom, and a friend of the family were on some kind of trip to a football game thing that lasted the whole weekend for some reason. I don't know why we were there, because none of us really have an interest in football. We stayed in a hotel-like place where we rented out a whole house that we shared with one other family. All of the other buildings in the community were designed this way. Everyone brought their pets. We took Berlioz in a cat carrier. I was afraid to let him out because if he got lost in a strange place, we would never find him, but I loosened up and let him run around the house and fenced-in yard a bit and made sure that all of the exits were secured. Our housemates brought their two cats. The hotel provided food for all of the guests, but we had our own that we cooked on the grill in the yard. The football game was a couple blocks away, so we walked there during the day and came back at night. Once we started to get to know our neighbors for the weekend, we brought the grills to the front yard to have big cookouts at night. One morning, there was a black cat scratching at our door. We brought him in and discovered that his collar had his name on it: Poopie G. We thought he was our neighbors' but we weren't sure. I couldn't find paper to write a note to leave on their door, but they had a dry-erase board on the door already. While I was writing the note, they came home and wanted to show me around their house. They were actually one big family renting the whole house, and not just for the weekend. They were either underprivileged and were staying in a hotel because they couldn't afford a deposit on a house, or they just liked it so much they decided to stay there just because they could. I wasn't sure which and never found out. However, because they were moving in long term, they had a lot of stuff in their house. They were borderline hoarders. It wasn't bad enough to be a fire hazard yet, but it was definitely too much stuff for this family to have.

So this family had a lightbulb burned out or something, and I wanted to help them fix it. I was at the top of a ladder trying to change it when I got stuck in a tight corner and couldn't get out without falling. I yelled and cried a lot, and one of the family came to help me, and I was fine.

The next night we had another cookout. Most of us had been cooking and eating the food provided by the

Finishing this post months after starting it: I think I remember something about the food being made of garbage, and we uncovered the evil plot in a grand adventure.


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