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I forgot how good it felt to type on a computer, since I've been using my phone so much lately. I got my first smart phone about a year ago, and now my life is checking Facebook and I don't read books anymore.

I've started a business selling anime stuff. It's pretty fun when I can actually get out to a convention and talk to people. Online sales aren't lucrative because you're competing with literally the entire world, and there's less incentive to impulse-buy. Roland helps man the booth at cons. He says it's the only reason he would really want to go to cons, because he feels like he's being productive and doing something to better his life. If he's just there to hang out and spend money, he looks at all of the people living their dreams and gets sad because he's not.

I still work at the lab, though we got bought out by a bigger company about a year ago and it's really terrible. We've become basically a service center to send samples to the main location on the other coast, and the people there have no idea what they're doing, and look to us to fix things remotely because no one over there is trained properly. It's a mess. I kinda thought when the acquisition happened that they would have their shit together, because they were a big company and we weren't, so obviously they knew what they were doing and had some trick to doing things efficiently. The trick is beaurocracy and it sucks a lot because it takes 80 million years to get anything done.

I always seem to type entries here when I'm sad. I'm not sure what I'm sad about lately. Life is going pretty well I guess? I finally feel like a real adult who has shit together kinda.


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