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halloween things
Halloween anime club meeting last night. Was originally going to go as a ghost from the 18th century, but decided on being Pride and Prejudice and Zombies instead, Chris2's idea. Wore that one dress costume thing I've had forever that's technically a century off but whatever, put my hair in a bun and put on lots of makeup and fake blood. Nom nom nom brains. Meeting was fun, watched some first episodes of Halloween-ish/horror series. Considering continuing Higurashi ("I LIKE CEREAL! I like... potatoes?") and High School of the Dead. Accidentally missed the costume contest because me and Roland decided to go party hopping in the Marshall Center during intermission. We popped in on the Halloween Dance Party and the Zombie Sock Hop.

Played a short DnD game last night until 4am (or rather until 3:30 am, at which point I was the first to slide out of my chair and fall asleep). It was really fun and I really want to join a group, but I'd be afraid I wouldn't have the time or I'd get bored after a while or something.

We carved pumpkins last weekend intending not to put them out until this weekend so they wouldn't rot before Halloween, but it didn't work. XD Mold all over and they were leaking all sorts of juices. I had carved Frank from Donnie Darko, Liza made a Spiritomb from Pokemon.

This past week was full of Humans vs. Zombies, which was really fun until shit happened involving bikes and police and I'd rather just not talk about HvZ at all for a good long while.


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