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LOL oh yeah, I have this thing. That I'm supposed to update once in a while so that I can remember things and so my friends can know what I've been up to sometimes.

Two more finals on Thursday. I want them to be over so I don't have to worry about anything anymore. There's just a constant worry about what assignments are due and what tests are coming up and everything that I should be doing rather than whatever I happen to be doing at the moment. Also I find it difficult to do anything unless I'm crunched for time. Right now I'm supposed to be studying for environmental ethics so that I can study for survey of human diseases tomorrow and be ready for both exams bright and early on Thursday. But instead my mind is like NO WANNA and it's hard to force myself. The only time I can force myself to do anything not last minute is when I have to write a paper or something and find it hard to sleep due to stress and my heavily beating heart being like HEY REMEMBER THAT THING YOU NEED TO DO? YOU SHOULD DO THAT RIGHT NOW INSTEAD OF SLEEPING AND IF YOU DON'T I'LL TELL YOUR BRAIN TO GIVE YOU NIGHTMARES HA

My internal organs like to yell at me. Some more than others.

It's really cold this week. It kinda sucks but at least it's not hot like it's been forever. It gives me an excuse not to ride my bike because the wind chills my bones so I take the bus instead. Or, more often, get tired of waiting and just walk instead and end up beating the bus to the stop I would have gotten off at. Ha. Take that, bus. (Does it make me lazy if I wait at the stop longer than/as long as it would have taken me to walk?)

I left my gloves on the bus the same day I turned in a coin purse full of money that I found in the parking lot. I really really want my gloves back, but they were sitting right on the seat and if they haven't found them by now I'm probably not getting them back. My obnoxious mittens will do for now, but I really liked those gloves and I only just sewed up a hole in them too. The office of my apartment complex said that if no one claims the coin purse I can have it. It looked like there was at least a good $30 in there. I'll use some of the money to buy some gloves.


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